“People are suffering from a drought…” PSY’s summer concert under controversy for using 300 tons of water each show 

PSY is about to hold a summer concert for the first time in 3 years, but some netizens are calling him out on water waste.

On June 3rd, PSY announced his upcoming summer concert ‘PSY Soaked Show SUMMER SWAG 2022’. This marks PSY’s first in-person concert in three years since the ‘PSY Soaked Show 2019’ held in the summer of 2019.


‘Soaked Show’ is one of PSY’s signature summer concerts that started in 2011 and is famous for spraying water over the audience during performances of upbeat, exciting songs. However, due to the recent severe drought situation in Korea, concerns over water waste and negative reactions to this concept of PSY’s concert are growing. 


When he guested on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on May 4th, PSY said, “We don’t just use water. It’s drinkable water. It costs about 300 tons per show. We will mobilize water through sprinkler trucks.” Netizens raised criticism as they left comments, “That is way too much water used in one concert”, “Is he aware we are in the middle of a drought?”, “Do a different concept this year”, “He’s going to waste too much water”, etc. 


Meanwhile, tickets for ‘PSY Soaked Show 2022’ will be on sale on June 16th at 8 pm KST on the online reservation site Interpark Ticket.


Source: Nate

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