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“Park Bo-gum is still on the sky…” Park Seo-joon, Ji Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung started “Youth MT” by finding their team members

For “Youth MT,” the cast of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” “Itaewon Class” and “The Sound of Magic” gathered together.

The first episode of TVING’s original “Youth MT,” which was released on Sep 9th, featured Park Seo-joon, Ji Chang-wook, and Kim Yoo-jung their ways to look for their team members on the first day of the MT.

On this day, Kim Yoo-jung visited Gyeonggijeon in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Park Seo-joon visited an overpass overlooking Namsan Seoul Tower, and Ji Chang-wook visited a small amusement park at the foot of a mountain. Each of the three, who were nostalgic at the filming location of their respective drama, received a mission saying, “Find your team members who are waiting at two filming places of your drama.” The given mission was to find their team members, have lunch together, and then move to the base camp. In particular, each team will be paid 50,000 won for lunch, but if there are no members waiting at the place where the team leader visited, 10,000 won will be deducted each time.

Ji Chang-wook, the team leader of the “The Sound of Magic” team, went to the child’s house first, saying, “The child’s house is symbolic.” But the place was empty. He belatedly said, “I mean the alley!” but had to return 10,000 won due to one failure. Ji Chang-wook responded, “Why am I the team leader? It’s the worst. It’s already wrong from my leader position,” he said, bowing his head. “I’m sorry guys…

Ji Chang-wook, who then headed to the alleyway, met Hwang In-yeop and Choi Sung-eun. The three people, who were deducing where other team members would be, then challenged the drama speed quiz where they could get hints. They all succeeded and got the hint of “umbrella.” All three of them moved to Yonsei University without hesitation after seeing the hint and joined Kim Bo-yoon and Ji-won, who were waiting there.

The “The Sound of Magic” team, which succeeded in gathering all the team members, immediately visited the restaurant for the next mission. As this team had only 40,000 won of pocket money, they decided to play a game in which a representative covered their eyes with an eye patch, moved the money with a spatula and they would earn the amount of money that they have moved. Kim Bo-yoon was selected as the representative, and she was cheered for raising 40,000 won.

On the other hand, while eating, Hwang In-yeop said, “We’re so close with each other, but I’m so worried when we get together later. I’m very shy,” he said. “I saw a lot of shows like this, so I wondered if we are sleeping outdoors. We lost and have to set up a tent. I can’t believe anything and I’m in a state of distrust,” he said, expressing his fear for this MT.

Park Seo-joon, the team leader of the “Itaewon Class” team, headed to “Danbam,” the first store Park Sae-royi opened in Itaewon without hesitation. But there was no team member there. Park Seo-joon, who lost 10,000 won, moved to Haebangchon, where the second “Danbam” was located, and succeeded in finding Lee Ju-young and Ryu Kyung-soo on the rooftop.

The next place he headed to was Baekbeom Square Park. Kwon Na-ra was waiting there, and all the “Itaewon Class” team members finally gathered in one place except for Ahn Bo-hyun, who can’t help but miss the first day due to his schedule.

When Park Seo-joon arrived at the restaurant, he looked at the menu and said, “We’re not eating with just this allowance, are we? We can’t,” he said, expressing his shock. Lee Ju-young said, “It’s 44,000 won for four people. Should I order eight soju?” but she then won 50,000 won more in a game where she covered her eyes with an eye mask and moved money with a spatula, so her team could eat lunch safely.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-jung, the team leader of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” showed her sense by searching for possible places on her smartphone. She said, “I think they will definitely be at Hyanggyo. To be honest, I’m the best at directions. My mother is good at finding directions just by looking at the map,” she said. “It’s no exaggeration to say that most of the drama was taken at Hyanggyo,” she said and walked to Hyanggyo without hesitation.

Kim Yoo-jung, who met Chae Soo-bin and Kwak Dong-yeon at Hyanggyo, challenged the speed quiz to get a hint. However, by one problem, they fail to get a hint from the production team. The production team suggested, “I will give you a hint if you return 10,000 won.” Then Chae Soo-bin tried to negotiate, saying, “Can you deduct 5,000 won only?” but failed. In the end, they handed over 10,000 won and receive the hint that it was a “place to hide together“. The 3 actors then headed to the Seodong theme park in Buyeo.

They expected to meet Jinyoung and Park Bo-gum in Buyeo, but Jinyoung was alone there. Rather, Jin-young asked, “Didn’t he come with you guys?” and Kim Yoo-jung was confused, saying, “Where is the Crown Prince?” Hearing this, the production team said, “His plane has not been able to land yet. We just contacted him.” When Kwak Dong-yeon heard this, he suspected, “Is it real or did you guys just make it up?” making everyone laugh.

In the end, the “Cloud” team headed to the restaurant without Park Bo-gum. In the “Cloud” team, Kwak Dong-yeon challenged the game of getting extra pocket money and got worshipped by his team members after winning a total of 220,000 won by pouring money from the beginning.

While eating, the untimely “perilla leaf controversy” emerged as a topic between the actors. Chae Soo-bin said, “Isn’t it okay as long as it’s just food?” but Kwak Dong-yeon said, “The leaves are a little too much. Don’t you smile when you make eye contact?” In response, Chae Soo-bin expressed how absurd it was, saying, “If you eat together, don’t you already know each other?” Subsequently, when the “padding controversy” was mentioned, Kwak Dong-yeon said, “Zipping the padding up? That’s crazy. Just leave it open up,” he insisted. Jin-young drew laughter by pointing out, “Why can’t you zip up your own padded jacket in the first place?”

After the friendly meal, Kwak Dong-yeon waited for Park Bo-gum, whose arrival time was still unknown, saying, “Is Bo-gum still in the sky?” After that, the “Cloud” team was the first to arrive at the base camp, and Park Bo-gum, the last member, made a surprise appearance while his team members were sitting at the table, signaling the start of a highly-expected MT.

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