Park Hae-jin and Jin Ki-joo excites fans with their romantic chemistry on the set of “From Now On, It’s Showtime”

Park Hae-jin and Jin Ki-joo showed their extraordinary chemistry on “From Now On, It’s Showtime!”, predicting the birth of another extreme romance couple.

On Dec 3rd, photos at the site of Park Hae-jin and Jin Ki-joo, the male and female protagonists of MBC’s new drama “From Now On, It’s Showtime!” which is currently in the middle of filming, were released. “From Now On, It’s Showtime!” is a ghost-coordinated comic investigation drama led by the charismatic magician Cha Cha-woong (Park Hae-jin) and passionate police officer Ko Seul-hae (Jin Ki-joo).

From Now On It’s Showtime

According to field staff, Jin Ki-joo has established herself as a reliable axis on the filming set with her easy-going personality, and Park Hae-jin is completing the difficult character of a magician who can see ghosts with his solid acting skills. It is reported that both lead actors, who have shown natural teamwork since the first shoot, are showing off their chemistry that shines more as the shoot progresses.

In the photo, the two create a friendly atmosphere that could make everyone laugh just by looking at them. They also boasted their look as a couple of models who could “excite everyone just by standing still”, showing off their outstanding slim figure compared to average height.

The production team hinted, “The teamwork of the two main character actors is so good that we are proceeding with the filming without any NG scene. The warm atmosphere at the filming site will be reflected in the drama.” Set to air in March next year, “From Now On, It’s Showtime!” is considered one of the most anticipated dramas as it was already sold on OTT in 190 countries around the world even before its filming.


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