Park Ha-sun reveals her middle school days just like now…”I thought everyone was 28 when I was 19″

Park Ha-sun in “Whatever You Want” revealed a surprise that was caused by farsightedness.

MBN’s entertainment program “Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want” aired on the 13th featured travel guides Shin Ae-ra, Park Ha-sun, Park Jin-hee and Choi Jung-yoon on their trip to Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Park Ha-sun

On this day, the cast doubted the age of the youngest Park Ha-sun, who knew the old things well. In response, Park Ha-sun said, “I’ve been old since I was young, so I’m the same now”.

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun, in the released middle and high school photos, was surprised by her innocent appearance, to which Shin Ae-ra drew laughter by saying, “You look older in middle school”. 

Park Ha-sun added to the surprise by saying, “When I was 19, I thought everyone was 28 years old. When I wore plain clothes, I talked to the college students because I thought they were the same age”.

Source: nate

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