Park Gyu-ri explains rumors about her real estate, “I’m living in four houses? I live in only one house in Samsung-dong”

Park Gyu-ri clarified the rumor that she is a “big real estate investor”.

Singer Park Gyu-ri, a member of the second-generation girl group KARA, appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, which was aired on June 24th. 

park gyuri dr oh eun young

Regarding the rumor that “every real estate Park Gyu-ri touches will become gold for sale and prices of all the houses Park Gyu-ri points to on the map will rise”, the female singer said, “What a dramatic rumor”.

park gyuri dr oh eun young

In addition, Park Gyu-ri also mentioned the rumor that she owns four buildings and lives in 4 houses on different days of the week. She emphasized, “I live in only one house. It’s in Samsung-dong.”

Source: daum

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