Park Bo-ram, “I lost 34kg and people are telling me to gain weight. My body type has changed” (South Korean Foreigners)

Appearing on “South Korean Foreigners”, Park Bo-ram talked about dieting and revealed that her body type has changed.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program “South Korean Foreigners”, which aired on September 21st, showed comedian Lee Soo-ji, Big Mama’s Lee Young-hyun, 2AM’s Lee Chang-min, and singer Park Bo-ram appearing as guests and having a quiz battle in the special episode called “Dieting, how much have you done?”.

South Korean Foreigners park bo ram

On the broadcast, past photos of Park Bo-ram’s chubby appearance before dieting were revealed. Park Bo-ram, who got embarrassed, said, “I lost 34 kg”, and the cast members exclaimed, “So cute”.

South Korean Foreigners park bo ram

Park Bo-ram said, “People around me are now saying that I should gain some weight. Some even ask if my body type has changed”. “I think it has changed. I can’t gain more weight”, she honestly confessed.

After finishing the quiz, Park Bo-ram performed her new song “When I Look at You”. She shared, “It is a good love song to listen to when the wind blows like today.

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