Only Lisa (BLACKPINK) can wear these kinds of bizarre outfits

Lisa can turn any weird and flamboyant outfit into high fashion.

They say: “Fine feathers make a fine bird”, but with Lisa, she’s a bird that make her feathers seem fine. Lisa fits so well with all the outfits that are hard to wear. None of those outfits can do anything to Lisa’s visual while she easily turns them into high-fashion items.

With hair tied up into 2 buns, a camisole and weirdly mixed jeans, if the person doesn’t have a perfect body with high-fashion vibe, wearing this outfit is a big no-no. But Lisa is chic and cute at the same time in this outfit.
Lisa once appeared at the airport with a Minion outfit which she mixed a bright yellow t-shirt with denim overall. Only Lisa can looks good and adorable in such a childish outfit.
It’s hard to find someone who can wears this 2-color bottom as elegantly as Lisa.
Another time, her stylist even used a bandana to make a camisole for Lisa. No problem, Lisa’s perfect body can turn anything into high fashion.
Among Lisa’s collection of bizarre outfits, we cannot forget about the fringed dress she once wore during her debut era.
Or the all-pink outfit from her clothes to her accessory. BLACKPINK’s stylist used to be bashed for only giving Lisa bizarre outfits.
Stylists love to dress Lisa in these weirdly mixed or asymmetric designs.
No one can look good in a pair of lacy pink socks with tiny bows like this, except for Lisa.
Girly concepts still cannot do anything to Lisa. With a polka-dot red dress, she is like a real-life Barbie doll.

Source: Kenh14

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