One Direction member admitted that BLACKPINK is his”guilty pleasure”

He’s not afraid to shout out “BLACKPINK in your area” and sings along happily even though he doesn’t understand the lyrics.

Niall, the former member of One Direction, shared that BLACKPINK is his “guilty pleasure,” which somehow flatters Blinks.

In a recent interview, Niall Horan, the former member of the popular boy group named One Direction, surprisingly shared his thoughts about BLACKPINK. This has proved that the girls are gradually winning the hearts of many Hollywood artists when they continuously receive attention and praise.

Specifically, when asked, “What is your guilty pleasure” in music? Niall Horan was “frozen” for 1 second, then … shyly admitted: It’s BLACKPINK.

After talking about his “secret idols,” the fanboy did not hesitate to shout out: “BLACKPINK in your area,” which came as a surprise to the host. Niall added: “Although I don’t understand what they’re singing, I still love them!”. We can see that, with the energetic and unique music style, BLACKPINK has broken the language barrier and is able to spread their energy among the audience even though they do not fully understand the lyrics.

As it would seem, Niall Horan has long become a huge fan of BLACKPINK! Previously, Niall had many times publicly expressed his love for BLACKPINK on Twitter. He tweeted

Hopefully, in the future, Niall Horan, the quiet “fanboy,” can meet up with the 4 YG girls! And certainly, BLACKPINK will be pleased to welcome him into their fandom.

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