OMEGA X members reportedly completed the trademark registration for their group name and fandom name

According to a report by TV Daily on November 14th, OMEGA X completed the trademark registration for “오메가엑스 (OMEGA X’s name in Korean)”, “OMEGA X”, and “FOR X (OMEGA X’s fandom name) on November 7th through legal representative Law Firm S.

omega x

The decision seems to have been made without discussion with Spire Entertainment due to the recent conflict between the members and the agency. 

Since the members now have the right to use their group name, if the group wins the lawsuit for exclusive contract termination, they will be able to continue their entertainment activities as OMEGA X.

Omega X

OMEGA X made their official debut on June 30th last year, but their agency had not made trademark registration for the group name. Of course, the completion of their trademark registration does not guarantee the situation. Their agency can still apply for an injunction to suspend the validity of the trademarks with the rights from the exclusive contract, and the members may be subject to contract violation.

Earlier, controversies over OMEGA X’s conflict with Spire Entertainment arose when the news of the members being abused and assaulted by their CEO was reported last month. As a result, the members, who admitted to having a disagreement with their agency, plan to directly reveal the details of the whole situation through a press conference on November 16th. This is one of the steps in the lawsuit to terminate their exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment.

Despite the voluntary resignation of the controversial CEO, it seems like Spire Entertainment couldn’t gain back the trust of OMEGA X members. Attention is focused on how the agency will respond to OMEGA X’s position and defend themselves. 

Sources: daum

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