Oh My Girl YooA, “My brother refused to appear on a show with me, but he showed up on ‘Street Man Fighter’. So unfair”

YooA, a member of girl group Oh My Girl, expressed her displeasure toward her dancer brother.

YooA cultwo show

Huh Gak, Oh My Girl YooA and Kyung Seo appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on November 17th.

During the broadcast, YooA mentioned her older brother who appeared on Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”. In particular, her older brother is dancer Yoo Joon Seon from YGX crew.

Street Man Fighter thumbnail

YooA laughed and said, “As his sister, I was very sad that my brother didn’t have much screen time on the show. I mentioned him on a broadcast, and he sent me a text message, saying ‘Stop talking about me’. So I just shut my mouth”.

YooA confessed, “My brother said he only believes in my words”. She then said to radio listeners, “He can dance very well, so please search his name a lot”.

YooA cultwo show

When asked if she has ever danced with her brother on a broadcast, YooA said, “Actually, we did receive an offer, but my brother turned it down. It was before Oh My Girl became famous, so I really wanted to do that. But my brother said he hated it… Isn’t he appearing on TV broadcasts right now? This is so unfair”, drawing attention with their brother-sister chemistry. 

Source: Daum

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