Noona romance between Korean celebrities that initially faced negative reactions: Kim Tae Hee – Rain, Hyuna – Dawn, and more 

These couples were not supported by the public at first, but they eventually gained admiration for their sincere affection for each other. 

Korean celebrity couples don’t always receive support from the public when they are first confirmed to be dating. In the case of these couples where actresses/female idols date younger male stars, they used to deal with negative reactions when their relationship was revealed. 

Kim Tae Hee – Rain

After working together in a commercial in 2011, Rain successfully won the heart of “goddess” Kim Tae Hee, who is 2 years older than him. Although they are both top stars, when they announced they were dating, many netizens were not fans of the two being an item as they claimed Kim Tae Hee could do better than Rain. 

Bi Rain Kim Tae hee

Rain and Kim Tae Hee ended up getting married. They had a low-key wedding ceremony in 2017 with only 10 guests. No one knew until 2 rare photos of the wedding were made public.

Kim Tae Hee - Rain

After a decade of staying side by side, Kim Tae Hee and Rain have gradually gained support and admiration from the public. They are not a celebrity couple who like to flaunt their affection in the media but are always spotted being lovey dovey off camera. Currently, the two are happily married with 2 daughters. They also own huge assets worth up to 81.4 billion won with many expensive real estate.

Hyuna – Dawn

Hyuna is Dawn‘s senior when they were both active under Cube Entertainment. They used to be members of the musical group Triple H. Their dating rumors started circulating in August 2018 but in fact, they have been together since 2 years before that.

Hyuna - Dawn

It was because Hyuna voluntarily made her relationship with her junior public without discussing with Cube that they were both kicked out of the company and received fierce criticism from fans and netizens. Hyuna is 2 years older than Dawn and has gained popularity way before Dawn, so Dawn is mocked for riding on his girlfriend’s fame. Both were also criticized for being selfish as their relationship affected other members of Dawn’s former group, PENTAGON, in a bad way. 

HyunA Dawn

After leaving Cube, Hyuna and Dawn have freely displayed their affection towards one another and gotten rid of their idol image, disregarding all criticism. Gradually, their love story has drawn more admiration. Dawn proposed to Hyuna in 2021 after more than 5 years of dating. They are now engaged. 

Shim Mina – Ryu Philip

In 2015, singer Shim Mina, who is called “Miss World Cup 2002” created a stir in Korea’s entertainment industry when it was revealed that she was getting married to a male idol who is 17 years younger than her, SoREAL’s Ryu Philip. They first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, then quickly fell in love and officially started dating a month later. 

Shim mina

At first, they came under controversy due to their huge age gap. But now, after nearly 4 years of marriage, the couple still maintain their sweet affection and change people’s minds. 

Ham So Won – Jin Hua

After being crowned Miss Korea 1997, Ham So Won started to enter the entertainment industry in 2008. 9 years later, she surprised everyone when she publicly dated Jin Hua, a fashion entrepreneur who is 18 years younger than her. After only a year of dating, Ham So Won and Jin Hua announced their marriage.

Ham so won

The two have appeared on a number of reality shows as a couple. Despite his young age, Jin Hua is very mature, reliable and takes good care of his wife, especially during the period when she has just given birth. Ham So Won and Jin Hua’s happy married life has thus been supported by the public despite the initial negative reactions to their age difference. Although rumors of their divorce surfaced in 2021, the two have not addressed this information.


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