Non-smoker Goo Hye Sun, “I learned to smoke for 6 months to act”

Actress and director Goo Hye Sun revealed her experience of deliberately smoking cigarettes for acting.

On the afternoon of October 6th, a screening of “Director Goo Hye Sun’s Short Stories” and a GV (conversation with the audience) were held at Lotte Cinema Daeyeong branch in Jung-gu, Busan. Goo Hye Sun, who appeared as a director, and actress Ahn Seo Hyun attended this event.

goo hye sun

Here, Goo Hye Sun discussed her movie “Dark Yellow”, which was released last year, and said, “I learned to smoke at that time. I learned it to shoot scenes in the movie.”

She also added, “Before, when I was filming a feature film, I worked with people who couldn’t smoke, and people who smoked said it was obvious. I’m a non-smoker, so I thought it didn’t make much of a difference. However, there are many actors who smoke.Whether it was an actress or a male actor, it was acting, but I thought, ‘Let me try it myself’. I wanted to try that particular scene, so I practiced [smoking] for about 6 months.” 

On the other hand, Goo Hye Sun recently met the audience through “Community TV”, a spin-off festival of the 27th Busan International Film Festival. There, starting with Goo Hye Sun’s first directorial debut “The Madonna”, five short films were screened, including “You”, “The Pieces of Memories”, “Mystery Pink”, and “Dark Yellow”. 

Then, in the “Community BIFF Road”, a program that belongs to the Busan International Film Festival, Goo Hye Sun’s new feature film “Peach Tree” will be screened outdoors and a GV will be held before the screening.

Source: Nate

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