Nominees for The Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress: Kim Tae Ri is likely to win?

The nominees’ list for the “Best Actress” category of The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards is making many fans surprised.

Baeksang Arts Awards – one of the most prestigious and credible awards in the Korean film industry has finally released nominations for the upcoming awards ceremony this year. 

In the past year, we have witnessed many comebacks of famous superstars who are at the forefront of the Hallyu wave. Famous names like Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Young Ae, Go Hyun Jung, Park Min Young, etc. all appeared on screen in turn, which we hardly saw in previous years. However, it seems like their personal reputation has not been able to exert its full effect in the past year.

Baeksang 2022

Baeksang’s Best Actress nominations this year include 5 names: Kim Tae Ri of Twenty Five Twenty One, Kim Hye Soo of Juvenile Justice, Park Eun Bin of The King’s Affection, Lee Se Young of The Red Sleeve and Han So Hee of My Name

Baeksang 2022

All 5 of these names are quite familiar to the audience for their works in the previous year. However, many still feel quite surprised at some names in the list and think of other names that should be there.

Kim Tae Ri and Lee Se Young are two names that were predicted by many to be nominated at this year’s awards ceremony for their excellent performance in the dramas. 

Kim Tae Ri showed viewers the solidity of a real actress. She can perfectly portray the role of an 18-year-old girl from her appearance to her mind, emotions, growth, maturity, love, and the way to overcome difficulties, even though Kim Tae Ri is 32 years old in real life. 

Twenty five twenty one

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young, although acting in a historical drama that is centered on the male lead, thanks to her experienced acting, she has made the female lead character not inferior to the male lead. She succeeded in showing emotions like crying, laughing, suffering, etc. Lee Se Young‘s role as a court lady really makes The Red Sleeve softer and more attractive. Not only does she shine for herself, she also beautifies Lee Junho‘s character. 

Many consider Kim Tae Ri and Lee Se Young to be the two strongest candidates to win this year’s award. In all aspects, these two performances are the most impressive, the dramas are also approximate in terms of content and reputation. And of course, whoever wins the award deserves it.

The next two surprising names are Kim Hye Soo and Park Eun Bin

Kim Hye Soo had an impressive comeback with Juvenile Justice. This drama is a challenge to any actors. She plays a tough and steely female judge with her own convictions for justice. 

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin had a surreal performance when playing a disguised male role in The King’s Affection, an attractive historical drama. She is normally very sweet and feminine, but when pretending to be a boy, she portrayed it perfectly. Her eyes exude helplessness because of fate, trying to resist everything and the overwhelming loneliness of having to hide the secret to conquer the highest position. 

Both of these actresses surprised viewers with this comeback. The judging panel must have selected them for the nomination purely based on their ability and acting skills as Juvenile Justice and The King’s Affection can’t compare with many other dramas in terms of popularity. 

Finally, there is Han So Hee of My Name. This character is an element of surprise in this year’s Best Actress nominations. The acting of Han So Hee in My Name is such a breakthrough and a self-challenge. However, in terms of acting, the actress has not reached maturity with this character, especially in the emotional scenes, which need a lot of expressions and eye acting, the actress didn’t perfect it.

Of course, the role of Yoon Jiwoo in “My Name” is not an easy role to play, not all female stars want to play this genre. Han So Hee deserves to be recognized for her courage, daring to breakthrough herself when participating in this project. However, this is an award for acting ability, so she is inferior to other nominations.

Talking about the 5 official nominees makes me think of names that don’t appear here. As you can see, over the past year, a lot of superstars have returned. Without difficulty, we can immediately list a series of popular actresses, yet no one has been nominated. Has their acting ability gone backward? My answer is no, but because the actresses above have more prominent breakthroughs and gain more success in terms of fame.

Jun Ji Hyun returned with Jirisan in a new image, but her character was not interesting, and the drama caused controversy over visual effects and logic. Song Hye Kyo appeared in a melodrama one more time. Her character is unremarkable. Park Min Young also had a similar situation with Song Hye Kyo. Son Ye Jin is still beautiful and good at acting in Thirty Nine but this drama is not impressive enough. Lee Young Ae has completely changed her image to play an investigator, but unfortunately, the drama’s achievements are too disappointing. Go Hyun Jung‘s work has no achievements, its content is also controversial.

Besides, there is also an actress that makes netizens feel regret. Shin Min Ah had a good comeback in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, but perhaps because it is a gentle healing drama, she is underrated. Han Hyo Joo made a comeback with Happiness, challenging herself in the survival series, but was also not nominated. Mine of Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung did not achieve outstanding results.

Thirty Nine-Son Ye Jin
Shin Min Ah

On the other hand, the case of Honey Lee and One The Woman also cause controversy, because the drama has a high rating, her acting is also very good, and her role is attractive, and well performed. The second case is Our Beloved Summer‘s Kim Da Mi, which is also unfortunate because she has an excellent makeover after Itaewon Class. It seems that Our Beloved Summer is not very popular in Korea, so Kim Da Mi‘s name does not appear in the nomination.

Honey Lee
Kim Tae Ri

Anyway, the list of candidates is available, let’s wait and see who will be the winner. 

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