NMIXX Sullyoon caused a controversy with her hat 

The unique hat fashion of Sullyoon from girl group NMIXX is drawing attention 

Recently, an article titled “The true story of Sullyoon’s hat”‘ was posted on various online communities.

NMIXX Sullyoon

The content of this article is as follows. It is said that the hat that Sullyoon wore on her way to work on SBS Power FM radio program “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” on October 12th was not worn properly.

NMIXX Sullyoon

In the published photo, Sullyoon wore a beret with her long wavy hair hanging down. However, the beret was raised upwards, and it felt as if it had been randomly placed on top of her head.

Netizens who saw this showed fun reactions such as “What’s inside the had”, “Why on earth did you wear it like that?”, “Even like this, you look cute,” “Is it because of her small face?” and “I thought it was a chef’s hat.”

Other netizens left comments such as “Did you not fold it to show the logo because it’s a sponsored item?”, “It’s funny but cute”, “I doubted my eyes when I saw this”, and “All’s forgiven because she has a pretty face.”

Source: wikitree

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