NMIXX Sullyoon brings excitement with MC debut on “Show! Music Core”

Sullyoon, a member of girl group NMIXX, brings a combination of visuals, hosting skills, and good chemistry to “Show! Music Core”

On April 15th, NMIXX member Sullyoon successfully debuted as an MC on “Show! Music Core”, where she worked alongside existing MCs, NCT Jungwoo and Stray Kids Lee Know for the first time.


As the successor to singer-actress Kim Min Ju and the new youngest MC, Sullyoon opened her “Show! Music Core” journey with a special stage. Here, she performed Apink’s “Mr. Chu” and showed off her unique, refreshing, and lovely charm with 200% energy. Sullyoon’s enchanting voice and visuals also captured both eyes and ears.

Meanwhile, Jungwoo and Lee Know welcomed Sullyoon, saying, “We sincerely welcome you as a new member of the ‘Show! Music Core’ family”, to which Sullyoon replied, “As it is a very special day for me, I have prepared very hard for today.”


At the same time, Sullyoon also revealed her confidence and ambition by saying, “It’s an honor to be with you two. From now on, I will become MC Sullyoon who is the excitement of ‘Show! Music Core’.”

Last month, Sullyoon became a special MC who led “Show! Music Core” with stable and fluent hosting skills, captivating viewers. In addition, her group, NMIXX, performed their new song “Love Me Like This” and showed off their full-range activities on stage.


At the end of the April 15th episode, Lee Know inquired Sullyoon’s feelings regarding her first broadcast, to which the female idol answered, “I think I was really nervous, but I’ll do better next time.”

Meanwhile, the April 15th broadcast of “Show! Music Core” featured performances from various artists such as IVE, Park Ji Hoon, Lee Chaeyeon, Kep1er, Yeeun, Kim Wooseok, Billlie, ICHILLIN’, CSR, and Xikers.

Source: Daum

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