Nicole reveals KARA is preparing for an album as a whole group 

According to Nicole, KARA members are working on an album together. 

On the August 1 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s radio “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”, KARA’s Nicole and rapper Zizo appeared as guests.

When asked how KARA members are doing, Nicole said, “We’re doing well. A full-group album is under preparation. It’s our 15th anniversary, we want to meet our fans, so we’re working hard.” Nicole added, “It’s not confirmed yet. But we want to make a comeback.”

kara nicole

When asked “How popular were you during the promotion for ‘Mister’?”, Nicole said, “We were so well loved that it’s hard to just pick an event and talk about it. We had a guerilla performance in Shibuya for the first time but the event was stopped in the middle because it was so hot and too many people gathered there. I was very surprised to know that many people in Japan know us.”


KARA debuted in 2007 and has just celebrated their 15th anniversary this year.

Source: daum

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