New Chile President was caught holding 2 photo cards of TWICE Jeongyeon

A photo of Gabriel Boric (35), who was elected Chile President, holding TWICE Jeongyeon’s photo cards is drawing attention.

Recently, a photo of Chile President Gabriel Boric holding TWICE Jeongyeon‘s photo cards was posted on various SNS channels.

In the photo, Gabriel Boric was holding Jeongyeon’s photo cards in one hand. He smiled brightly while drawing a finger heart with his other hand.

Netizens who saw this responded, “It’s amazing that another country’s president held Jeongyeon’s photo cards”, “The killing point is that it’s not photoshopped”, “He even drew a finger heart”…

Earlier, Gabriel Boric won Chile’s presidential election on Dec 19th. Born in 1986, he became the youngest president in the world. He will lead Chile for 4 years after assuming office next year.


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