Netizens’ reactions to the final episode of Our Blues.. “I will remember this drama for my whole life”

The final episode of Our Blues is drawing keen attention.

Kang Ok-dong (played by Kim Hye-ja) died in the final episode of tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, which aired on June 12th.2

On the broadcast, Kang Ok-dong cooked soybean paste stew and organized the house for her son Lee Dong-seok (played by Lee Byung-hun). He then lay down for a rest and died while sleeping.

Returning home late, Lee Dong-seok smiled as he saw the soybean paste stew his mom cooked. However, he then noticed that Kang Ok-dong did not respond to him. Lee Dong-seok then called Hyun Chun-hee to inform her of his mom’s death.

the final episode of Our Blues

Lee Dong-seok, who has been resenting his mother all his life, shed tears after Kang Ok-dong died. He hugged the cold body of his dead mother, cried heavily, and regretted not treating her better. At this moment, Lee Dong-seok’s narration, “That’s when I realized something. I had never resented her in my entire life. I just wanted to embrace and reconcile with her. I just wanted to hug her for a very long time and cried as much as I wanted.” was added.

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Netizens gave explosive reactions to this episode. They commented, “She cooked soybean paste stew to feed her son a warm meal. Isn’t that love?”, “I wish they had resolved their conflict a little earlier”, “Dong-seok will live well with the memories he created with mom before she died”, “The scene was so sad and heartbreaking that I kept crying”, “It was so heartbreaking to see Dong-seok’s brightest appearance in the saddest moment”, “I will remember this drama for my whole life”, etc.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” wrapped up successfully with a nationwide rating of 14.597%. Fantasy romance drama “Alchemy of Souls” will air as the follow-up to “Our Blues” starting next week. 

Source: Daum

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