Netizens react to “The Red Sleeve – All of Us Are Dead” Lee Eun-saem’s transformation: “I had no idea they were the same person”

Actress Lee Eun-saem’s chameleon-like transformation is now the talk of the town.

Netflix’s series “All of Us Are Dead“, which was released on January 28th, tells the story of students, who are trapped in their school where the zombie virus began, struggling to survive together while waiting for a rescue.

lee eun saem

Lee Eun-saem is drawing keen attention as Park Mi-jin, a bad student who smokes and swears in school, in Netflix’s original Korean series “All of Us Are Dead“. It is a character that is very different from the court lady Son Young-hee in her previous work “The Red Sleeve“.

In “The Red Sleeve”, she was the most thoughtful and affectionate companion of Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young). She played the role of Son Young-hee, a court lady who got pregnant due to fornication then passed away after having a miscarriage. In “All of Us Are Dead”, although she engages in harsh acts such as smoking and swearing, she has captured viewers’ attention with her unmatched will to survive.

lee eun saem

Regarding the extreme opposition of Son Young-hee and Park Mi-jin, netizens left comments such as “I had no idea they were the same person”…

People are raising expectations on what else Lee Eun-saem, who surprised everyone with her unconventional image transformation, will show in the future.

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