Netizens notice the unexpected similarities between NCT’s Haechan and rookie IVE’s Gaeul

NCT’s Haechan and IVE’s Gaeul somehow look alike in their pre-debut photos. 

Over the last few days, Starship’s upcoming girl group IVE has attracted much attention from Kpop fans. All 6 members Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo have received many compliments from Korean netizens thanks to their radiant, refreshing visuals and aura in the profile photos posted by the company. Recently, Starship also confirmed that IVE will officially debut on December 1.

IVE Gaeul
IVE will debut on December 1st
ive gaeul

Similar to other rookie idols, after IVE members were introduced to the public, netizens quickly looked for their pre-debut photos and posted them on Korean online communities. If earlier, member Liz’s pre-debut pictures were especially noticed by netizens for her similar look to Lee Min Ho and BLACKPINK’s Lisa, it is now Gaeul’s turn to catch the attention.

Gaeul is the 2nd member of IVE announced by Starship. The rookie female idol was born on September 24, 2002. She is Korean and expected to be part of the group’s dance line. According to some sources, Gaeul was once scouted by JYP and caught the eyes of several entertainment companies when participating in dance competitions at school.

IVE Gaeul

Gaeul’s pre-debut photos were spread on online forums in Korea and captured the attention of netizens because of Gaeul’s pretty look since she was a child. It can be seen through this series of photos that Gaeul has grown up into a beautiful young girl from a cute chubby little kid. Gaeul’s current visual also gives off actress vibes that suit the taste of Korean fans. Some netizens even think that Gaeul’s face reminds them of actresses Hwang Bo Ra, Nam Bo Ra or Kim So Eun.

IVE Gaeul
IVE Gaeul
IVE Gaeul
ive gaeul 09112021 5
IVE Gaeul
Gaeul’s pretty visuals in her pre-debut photos

Notably, what makes Gaeul’s pre-debut photos become a trending topic is not only because of her pretty appearance, but also because she looks like a famous Kpop male idol, NCT’s Haechan. When putting the childhood photos of Gaeul and Haechan next to each other, many netizens believe they could pass for twins. Not only do they have the same facial features, but Haechan and Gaeul even had the same curly hairstyle when they were kids.

IVE Gaeul
Haechan’s childhood photo

This interesting coincidence has fascinated many Korean netizens. The reason is because currently Haechan and Gaeul don’t look alike at all, but somehow they look almost identical in their childhood photos.Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • They are both so cute!!
  • Gaeul really looks like Haechan in her childhood photos!!
  • Their faces and hairstyles are so similar!
  • These two don’t look alike now but their childhood photos really surprise me hahaha!!
  • Doesn’t Gaeul look so pretty in these pre-debut photos? 
  • I want to make it clear before someone pretends to be an NCT fan and makes a fuss. We (NCTzen) all find this very cute.
  • Not only that picture, but also other photos of Gaeul when she was a little kid and even teenager, she looks exactly like Haechan?!
  • Hul~ Why are they so similar? They look nothing alike when they grow up, but when they were little, they look like twins.
  • Wow, crazy, they both look adorable!!
IVE Gaeul
Gaeul’s childhood photo Another pre-debut photo of Gaeul said to resemble Haechan
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