Netizens heaped praise on YGX’s eye-catching Pretty Savage performance

YGX had a very eye-catching performance of BLACKPINK’s hit after joining Street Woman Fighter.

Street Woman Fighter is currently the second most popular dance show in Korea. The program attracted the participation of professional dancer teams such as YGX, LACHICA, WANT, PROWDMON… Taking advantage of the heat of Street Woman Fighter, the dancers from 6 teams participating in the Semi-Final round had the opportunity to show off their talents at Studio Choom.

YGX Pretty Savage

There, the representative from YG Entertainment, YGX, has a “burning” performance on BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage music background. This choreography, however, is completely different from BLACKPINK’s version. This has surprised and amused netizens.

YGX’s Pretty Savage Performance at Studio Choom
BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage Stage at SBS Inkigayo

As professional dancers, YGX members put up a much stronger and more appealing dance performance. The video was only uploaded by Studio Choom on October 23rd, but it has already surpassed 1.1 million views in less than a day and is presently the video with the most views among the six teams.

YGX Pretty Savage
YGX Pretty Savage
BLACKPINK’s original choreography
YGX Pretty Savage
YGX Pretty Savage
YGX Pretty Savage
YGX is so lit when performing BLACKPINK’s hit at Studio Choom
blackpink 24102021 3
YGX Pretty Savage
ygx pretty savage 24102021 4
ygx pretty savage 24102021 3
ygx pretty savage 24102021 2
The amazing shooting perspective is also a bonus for this performance.

However, many viewers commented that both versions of Pretty Savage were great. In particular, in this appearance, captain Lee Jung received many compliments for her visual.

  • This team doesn’t need to change their style for judges to like them. They are the style, trend and the future.
  • YGX’s energy is always out of this world. they are so powerful.
  • They’re not just a dance crew but they are entertainers. They always make sure that whoever watches them will definitely have fun!
  • Lee Jung is a great leader, she makes sure that everyone gets their time to shine and showcase their talents. Isak didn’t have much screen for the show and giving her the center in the intro is really great, Yell’s solo part ofc is so cool, Jihyo and Yeojin proving once again that their dynamics is unmatched, and Lee Jung’s overflowing charisma she always slays!!!
  • Everyone, they are not just backup dancers. THEY ARE DANCERS. With such talents. YGX is like celebrities now. 
  • Even though Lee Jung is the youngest leader among all leaders in SWF, she still has an amazing ability to encourage her crew members, and her performance directing skill is just on another level. She deffo deserves more attention!
  • If this was the official choreography for Pretty Savage, I bet BLACKPINK wouldn’t be able to complete a performance. So powerful!!!!
  • We pity Mnet for not having YGX anymore on their show. YGX can literally increase their ratings and can hype up the finals but how stupid of them to remove the crew that literally carry the show. Anyway if you are mad stay mad we are not alike. I don’t care about your opinion, so ignore mine too.

Even though the group was eliminated on the October 19 episode, it is clear that YGX put a lot of effort into this performance. Many viewers were disappointed and upset with YGX being eliminated. 

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