Netizens are saying aespa should have received Song of the Year instead of Stage of the Year at 2021 AAA

As a rookie, aespa has made a great achievement by getting the first Daesang in its career. But some are questioning if the group should receive another award instead.

On the evening of December 2, the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (2021 AAA) were organized with the participation of artists such as SEVENTEEN, aespa, The Boyz, Stray Kids, NU’EST, ASTRO, PENTAGON, Golden Child, Brave Girls, MOMOLAND, Weekly, STAYC, ITZY, EVERGLOW, etc. As one of the most outstanding rookies of the year, aespa received a lot of attention and won some major awards at this event.

aespa won 3 trophies at 2021 AAA
aespa won 3 trophies at 2021 AAA

In particular, aespa won 3 awards: AAA Hot Trend, Rookie of the Year and especially the Daesang Stage of the Year.  A rookie winning a Daesang is considered a great respectable achievement.  However, it is also because of this breakthrough that aespa‘s daesang causes a lot of controversy.

aespa's daesang is controversial
aespa’s daesang is controversial

In 2021, aespa has had two excellent hits, Next Level and Savage. In particular, the vocal performances as well as the extremely viral dance performances of the group with these two songs also deserve recognition. However, many people think that the Stage of the Year award that the group achieved sounds unreasonable, as the girls haven’t had any completely outstanding stage and only AAA had this Daesang.

aespa performing Next Level at 2021 AAA

Many people said it would be more understandable if aespa won the Song of the Year instead of BTS with “Butter”.

Netizens commented:

– Next Level and Savage made such big hits this year, so this award is not enough for aespa . As a rookie group with only 1- year of experience, aespa already had excellent live singing skills, impressive stage presence and hit songs.

– There is a Daesang for performances? I do not hate them, but this is so unfair. They are underestimating the Daesang prize.

– Now there is even a Daesang stage. They’re really hAhAhA. This is so funny

– What a meaningless Daesang. They even let a group that hasn’t reached their 1 year win a Daesang.

– It would be more understandable if they won the Song of the Year

– As expected, what a hilarious award

– This category is so nonsense

– aespa has hit songs but not legendary performances.

– You guys are not impressed by their performances because you hate them. I think SM has created many amazing stages for aespa

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