Netizens are furious because a WJSN member might have been harrassed by a male dancer on stage

WJSN’s fans are furious after seeing the overly touchy performance of a male dancer with member Luda.

A few days ago, WJSN has reunited with their fans once again at their concert “Secret Box” after a comeback in January. What’s worth noticing is that, after the concert, fans discovered some unusual details in a fancam of the “24 hours” performance. Specifically, many said that the male dancer who was performing with Luda seemed to be intentionally touching the female idol’s chest.

The male dancer seemed to be intentionally touching Luda’s bust.

Some has commented that this might be just a misunderstanding or the male dancer didn’t mean it. However, after comparing with the original dance or the collaboration between another WJSN member Dawon and her male dancer, their moves was very polite and the guys try their best to refrain from touching sensitive places.

In the original dance, the male dancer will hold Sunmi’s hand.
The partner of Dawon who is also a member of WJSN was very considering.
Looking at the comparison, fans are having trouble believing that the male dancer’s action towards Luda is unintentional.

Apart from criticizing the male dancer, netizens also showed their sympathy towards Luda and every female idols for all the sensitive situations they have to face on stage:

  • “Did you guys see that, this is definitely intentional”.
  • “I could totally imagine how uncomfortable Luda was during her performance with this guy. I hope she is OK”.
  • “That guy is bad!”.
  • “I’m not a fan but I’m already furious”.
  • “Being a female idol is not easy. You trained so hard but you meet these kind of situations on stage”.
Netizens are angry because they suspected that Luda is harrassed by the male dancer during their performance (during 1:51 and 2:09)
Luda – a gorgeous member of WJSN

Sources: k14

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