From Koo Kyo Hwan to Park Eun Bin, Namoo Actors hit the jackpot with a solid lineup of new-generation actors 

Namoo Actors overcame its past crisis by scouting talented faces. 

The actor management agency Namoo Actors, which was established in 2004 with Moon Geun Young, Shin Se Kyung, and Kim Ji Soo as the main actors, faced a crisis as they parted ways with these names one by one. The original members as well as the main actors who had been with them for over 10 years all decided to not renew their contracts. This made people in the entertainment industry question, “Isn’t it really over for Namoo Actors?”

In particular, the vacancy left by Moon Geun Young, who was under Namoo Actors for 16 years, Shin Se Kyung, who stayed at Namoo Actors for 19 years since childhood, Kim So Yeon, who was a member for 12 years, Ji Sung, who was in the company for 11 years, and Chun Woo Hee, who was loyal for 10 years, was bigger than expected. Therefore, attention was focused on whether Namoo Actors, who lost their main characters, could move on and achieve success with new-generation actors. 

As the scope of idol actors gradually expanded, young and rising stars a.k.a the industry’s “young blood” and “new face”, were also needed for Namoo Actors. Among them, Song Kang, who rose to stardom with Netflix original’s series “Love Alarm” and “Sweet Home”, stood out. As one of the early members selected through the Namoo Actors audition, Song Kang quickly established himself as a trending K-drama star. 

In 2019, after signing an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors and starting his full-fledged career as a commercial actor, Koo Kyo Hwan starred in the films “Peninsula”, “Escape From Mogadishu”, Netflix’s series “Kingdom” and “D.P.” Koo Kyo Hwan, who is considered an “unscratched lottery ticket” in the industry, had a big break after signing with Namoo Actors. His fandom has strongly expanded thanks to his exceptional acting skills regardless of the genre of movies and dramas.

Namoo Actors is also benefiting from Park Eun Bin and Kang Ki Young, the stars of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Thanks to the drama’s huge popularity, the cast, including Park Eun Bin and Kang Ki Young, are reportedly receiving plenty of offers, from acting to commercials. 

Namoo Actors are hitting the jackpot back to back. It can be said that the agency’s success is the result of having a good eye for talents thanks to their long-term experience in the industry.

With the current lineup of actors with both star factor and acting skills, Namoo Actors overcame the crisis and achieved an outstanding generation change. By expanding the lineup of main actors, Namoo Actors turned crisis into opportunity. Curiosity is raised on who the next face to be scouted by Namoo Actors will be. 

Source: nate

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