Most debatable photo of the week: This Taeyeon, Suho or Wendy?

The SNS is once again filled with the image of an idol covering his/her face showing only two eyes. Fans could not even tell that it was a male or female.

If you have been a Kpop fan for many years, even though you have never met an idol in real life, you will also have the skills to tell the idols apart no matter how carefully your idol is covered.

However can you recognize the idol in this viral photo where only his/her eyes are shown?

This phoyo was taken of an idol at the airport and it only shows 2 eyes. Fans are giving suggestion to answer the question who the idols really is. The suggestions include: Wendy (Red Velvet), Jinwoo (WINNER), Sakura (IZ * ONE), Suho (EXO), Suzy, Taeyeon.

The idols listed above are familiar faces to KPOP fans. these are the top idols and members of popular KPOP groups. But not everyone who has seen the photo can tell exactly which idol it is, it is even difficult to say if it a girl or a boy.

However, a few people later found the answer with their own inferences. Although this idol is covered but they can recognize his tall body because he is equal to the bodyguards on both sides. This could be a male idol, so the answer was narrowed down to two people, and fans finally found out. It was none other than Suho, the leader of EXO.

After many confirmed Suho was the idol in the photo, fans digged up Suho’s “sunscreen fashion” photos at the airport earlier.

The easiest evidence to tell Kpop idols apart is their shiny skin, whether male or female, idols all have beautiful skin, so just by looking at their eyes and their skin, fans can easily distinguish the idols.

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