“Moonshine” ended with a deep kiss scene of Hye-ri and Yoo Seung-ho

At the end of “Moonshine,” Nam Young (Yoo Seung-ho) and Kang Ro-seo (Hye-ri) kissed passionately and vowed eternal love.


In the final episode of KBS2’s “Moonshine,” which aired on Feb 22nd, Kang Ro-seo responded with a kiss after Nam Young proposed to her.

Nam Young knelt down, taking a comb from his sleeve, and proposed, This comb is a half-moon shape, so please be the other half of my moon, and I will be your half.


Ro-seo smiled brightly and said, “Well. Think carefully. There’s nothing good about being involved with me,” she said, fretting Nam Young.

She added that if an official with such a bright future took a woman who was a sinner in the past as his wife, bad rumors would spread.


Nam Young said he could tolerate such dirty things, but Kang was disappointed by his answer.

To Kang Ro-seo who was offended, Nam Young firmly confessed his feelings once again, saying, “I love you, my darling.” Afterwards, Kang Ro-seo kissed Nam Young as well as expressed her sincerity.


The two hugged each other and kissed passionately once more, making viewers’ hearts flutter with a happy ending.

Yoo Seung-ho, who has established himself with solid acting skills for a long time, caught fan’s attention by perfectly digesting the historical drama romance genre through this work.


Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea, the final episode has recorded a nationwide household rating of 5.9%.

Although the figure fell from the first broadcast’s rating of 7.5%, “Moonshine” is being praised for having done well despite the effect from the “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics” and the presidential election.

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