Mnet Gallery declares a boycott: “We will not consume any of YG’s music”

Amid allegations of sexual favors by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk, a YG music boycott is taking place.

The online community DCInside Mnet Gallery said in a post titled “YG boycott statement” on May 27th afternoon that “We declare a complete boycott of all music made by YG Entertainment.”

There have been so many serious events in the entertainment industry since the Burning Sun scandal was triggered in January, and the name of YG Entertainment has always been related to it,” Mnet Gallery said. “I can’t help but think that being involved in such inappropriate activities is the root cause of the loss of fan’s trust by entertainment agencies who should place importance on social value realization and moral integrity.

Since we judged that YG Entertainment did not fully meet its specifications in leading the K-pop global culture, we firmly declare that we will not accept or consume any music produced by YG Entertainment from this time on.

MBC’s “Straight” earlier raised suspicions that YG provided sexual services to a group of Southeast Asian financiers, revealed witness testimony that about 25 women from the red-light district were invited. It was confirmed that Yang Hyun-suk and a famous singer from YG also attended the event.

I was indeed invited by an acquaintance, but I have never entertained anyone in any form,” Yang said on the aforementioned program.

Sources: nate

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