Min Hyo-rin, who was quiet after marrying Taeyang, explained her daily life as a housewife with one photo

Singer and actress Min Hyo-rin revealed her daily life as a housewife.

On March 30th, Min Hyo-rin posted a picture on her Instagram along with the caption saying, “Vegetables don’t fit my constitution.”

The photo shows vegetable soup that appears to have been made by Min Hyo-rin. She put tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and more in a pot and boiled them to make soup. Instead of eating raw vegetables, it seems that she cooked them all at once to get nutrients.

It has been a long time since she revealed a part of her daily life with her husband and son. This is the first time since she posted a picture of a dish that looked delicious on Christmas last year.

min hyo rin

Even after marriage, Min Hyo-rin drew admiration by the unbelievable aura of a mother of one child.

Min Hyo-rin married Big Bang Taeyang in 2018. Afterwards, in December 2021, they welcomed their first son. Meanwhile, Big Bang, to which Taeyang belongs, is scheduled to make a comeback after 4 years since the single “Flower Road” in 2018. With Seungri’s departure, the team was reorganized into a four-member group. Big Bang’s new song will be released at midnight on April 5th.

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