Min Hee-jin Appears At New Press Conference In Yellow Outfit After Winning Injunction Against HYBE

ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin opened another press conference to express her stance regarding HYBE shareholders’ meeting

ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin held a press conference at the Seoul Press Center on May 31st to reveal her position regarding the shareholders’ meeting.

Min Hee-jin showed up at the press conference wearing a neat yellow outfit, surprising everyone with her 180-degree change compared to her appearance at the previous press conference in April.

min hee jin

Taking the mic, CEO Min said, “I believe that it would be better if I explain the situation and tell you what I think, so I decided to hold this press conference”.

She continued, “I want to greet everyone first. Actually, it’s been over a month since I held the first press conference, but in the meantime, it was also a very hard time in my life and I was so grateful to have many people by my side. Therefore, I want to thank them first”, adding “I really appreciate people who supported me. Many people have been supporting me even though we don’t know each other. Many of my friends captured messages in DMs and online communities and sent them to me”. 

Min Hee-jin began to shed tears after saying, “Thank you for looking at me from the perspective of a cool-headed person even though the situation is very complicated. Your support has been such a big help to me. In fact, I think I didn’t make any weird choices thanks to them”.

She wiped her tears and said, “Bunnies (NewJeans’s fandom) contacted me a lot via DMs and I really wanted to tell you that I was able to overcome this thanks to you guys. When things become better, I’ll make sure to repay you in some way”.

min hee jin

Meanwhile, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin, who is in a dispute with the parent company HYBE, will be able to keep her CEO position for the time being as the court agreed to her injunction of restricting HYBE’s exercise of voting rights on May 30th. 

However, at the shareholders’ meetings held on the 31st, HYBE dismissed ADOR’s in-house directors Shin and Kim, known as Min Hee-jin’s close aides, then replaced them with three new directors, including CSO Lee Jae-sang, CHRO Kim Joo-young, and CFO Lee Kyung-joon.

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