Mi-joo Introduces Her Sister With Celeb Visual For The First Time, “Her Beauty Is Natural”

Lee Mi-joo revealed her sister, who owns a beautiful appearance like a celebrity, for the first time on “Hangout With Yoo”

MBC’s “Hangout With Yoo” broadcast on July 6th showed the members visiting Okcheon, North Chungcheong-do, which is also Mi-joo’s hometown.

During the opening, Yoo Jae-suk said, “Didn’t your sister call when you were with Din Din? The production team contacted your sister asking if she could appear on the show. She hesitated then took her courage to agree with the offer”, signaling the appearance of Mi-joo’s sister.

lee mi joo

Mi-joo said, “My sister lives in Daejeon but she has a day off today. She’s a dental hygienist working at a dental clinic”. She continued, “I’m a little worried because there were some articles about her looking pretty”, adding “In the past, many people said my older sister should become a celebrity instead of me. But later, she changed a lot so she could not do it. She even has a nickname for looking different from her selfie. I’m so worried because she looks completely different in person”.

That day, Din Din, who wanted to meet Mi-joo’s sister more than anyone else, also joined the trip as a guest. After visiting Okcheon, the members went to a cafe and waited for Mi-joo’s sister. Din Din said, “It’s been almost 3-4 years since I last talked to Mi-joo and her sister”. Why Din Din was nervously waiting, Lee Mi-joo’s sister Lee Yoon-ji showed up. Upon seeing her, the members exclaimed, “She’s so beautiful”, “She’s such a goddess”, “She resembles Mi-joo so much”, etc. 

lee mi joo

Jo Woo-jae commented, “Their voice tones are also similar”. When Haha said, “Your eyes are so pretty”, Mi-joo replied, “That’s ours”, emphasizing their natural beauty. Din Din said to Mi-joo’s sister, “You’re so nice, unlike Mi-joo”. Hearing that, Mi-joo said, “I had a nice makeup look today”, and asked, “Who’s prettier?”. Din Din answered, “Your sister”, without hesitation. Mi-joo turned to her sister and said, “Are you going to talk like that? So annoying”. Lee Yoon-ji explained, “This is my normal tone, how I talk at work”.

Yoo Jae-suk asked Lee Yoon-ji, “Mi-joo talked about you sometimes. What kind of a sister is Mi-joo?”. In response, Lee Yoon-ji, who is 2 years older than Mi-joo, said, “She may look cold but you can see she’s working very hard. She’s also good at acting cute in front of me”. She added, “We fought a lot, especially about clothes”, showing their sister chemistry. Mi-joo said, “I didn’t wear my sister’s clothes”, and Lee Yoon-ji added, “I wore your clothes a lot”. Mi-joo complained, “It was very annoying because she wore my clothes and they all got stretched out”.

Lee Mi-joo

Din Din mentioned the story about Lee Yoon-ji’s popularity during middle school he heard from Mi-joo, but Lee Yoon-ji commented, “This is the first time I’ve heard of it”. However, Mi-joo said, “She was really popular. When we were young, many people told my sister to become a celebrity. But her face changed after growing up, and I got prettier as my facial features became clearer”.

Mi-joo shared, “When I told my sister that I wanted to become a celebrity, and she told me to cry within 10 seconds. She said she would tell Mom to support me. I cried and she helped me tell Mom so that I could get her permission”. Lee Yoon-ji added, “Mi-joo worked very hard to become a celebrity. I didn’t know she had that dream before going to a private academy. Later she even joined auditions by herself. She’s very cool. Others cannot do it like her”, showing respect for her younger sister Mi-joo.

When asked about her sister, Mi-joo said, “We fought a lot when I was young but she’s like my best friend now. She always cheered me up when I had a hard time. She’s the best”. Yoo Jae-suk commented, “You realize your family is the best as you get older”.

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