LOONA Chuu’s departure, Lee Seung Gi’s unpaid music royalties, and Omega X’s abuse: Controversies over agencies’ power trip continued

The entertainment industry has been in a series of power abuse controversies related to management agencies.

With the news that Chuu, a member of girl group LOONA, has been kicked out, netizens are discussing about recent power trip scandal of management agencies. Not only Chuu, but also other celebrities, including boy group Omega X, entertainer Park Soo Hong, and singer-actor Lee Seung Gi, are fighting their own war with their agencies.

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On Nov 25th, Chuu, a member of LOONA, was kicked out of her group. Her agency claimed that this decision was due to her power abuse and abusive language. However, this soon became controversial because Chuu was always praised by people around her for her good personality.

In response, many staffs who have worked with Chuu rushed to refute the agency’s claim to protect the idol. Writer A of web variety show “Chuu Can Do It” wrote on her SNS, “It’s so funny how they claimed she was abusing her power. Despite having a hard time herself, Ji Woo was still worried that the staff wouldn’t get paid.” Her LOONA member Hyun Jin even expressed her frustration on their fan messenger platform, “My head and my heart hurt. I’m really angry.”


Fans also defended Chuu. Most responded that Chuu’s removal from LOONA was unfair. In fact, not only Chuu, many other celebrities are also facing unfair conflicts with their agencies.

Recently, singer and actor Lee Seung Gi and his agency Hook Entertainment have been engaged in a mud fight over the settlement of his music royalties. After Lee Seung Gi published the proof of his company failing to pay him his music settlement for the past 18 years since his debut, the public was shocked.

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The embezzlement case of entertainer Park Soo Hong and his brother Park is also indispensable. Last April, Park Soo Hong accused his brother of stealing 6.2 billion won from him over the past 10 years after his brother and his wife established a management agency. When the truth was revealed, netizens criticized the agency’s unfairness and cheered for Park Soo Hong.

Male idol groups are no exception. The group Omega X has exposed the abuse from their agency’s CEO, Mrs. Kang. They suffered from sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and abuse of power throughout their activities. When the controversy arose, the CEO of Omega X’s agency voluntarily resigned.

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Why do such controversies over power abuse still continue? The celebrities mentioned earlier are pretty well-known to us, so their cases could be publicized relatively quickly. In the case of less-known celebrities, contract disputes and related lawsuits are also taking place. This conflict hurts not only the entertainers but also the fans who support them. Isn’t it time for a fundamental solution?

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