Lisa was with the stranger while the other 3 members of BLACKPINK were suffering from love

The teaser of MV Lovesick Girls has been released, promising to bring a sad love story of BLACKPINK.

On the morning of September 30, YG released another teaser for MV Lovesick Girls. This is the title track in the full album THE ALBUM that BLACKPINK will release on October 2. The group’s MV was filmed outside, promising to be extremely satisfying.

The new teaser is only 16 seconds long, the scene is in the middle of the night, just like in the previously teaser videos.  At the beginning of the video, Jisoo was running across the empty street with a pained expression, then she collapsed from exhaustion. Jennie sat sadly in the car that had been painted with words, Rosé took a dip in the bathtub that flooded with black water. Everyone looked sad, as if they were lovesick. Particularly the maknae Lisa was … in the arms of a stranger. The video made the content of Lovesick Girls even more unpredictable, promising that this will be a complicated love story. So this is also a special feature because it is rare that BLACKPINK’s MV has a male lead.

Throughout the MV teaser, there was a rush of guitar, it wasn’t until the end of BLACKPINK that a part of the lyrics was released: “We are the lovesick girls”. Although the song has only been revealed a little, but based on the melodies, vocals, and visuals of each members, everyone is sure that Lovesick Girls will be a hit.

The teaser of MV “ Lovesick Girls’ ‘is so short, making fans more excited about the 4 girls’ official product. Everyone thinks that the melody of the song is catchy and the scene is excellent. Some people even praise YG because after many times the concept was not related to the MV, it seems that the girls’ new product will be the same as the teaser.

Fan comments:

– Finally the concept and MV are the same.

– This song is the style I love.

– The second MV has a boy after Playing With Fire.

– Great, sounds like a mix of Stay and Whistle.

– The melody is so catchy.

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