Lee Young-ji Reveals Her Family Background, “Father Left A Long Time Ago, Just An Unknown Guy Now”

Singer Lee Young-ji (22 years old) met Zico on “The Season” and frankly talked about her special family background without her father

Lee Young-ji appeared on KBS2’s music program “The Seasons – Zico’s Artist” broadcast on July 5th as a guest.

Releasing her first EP album 5 years after her debut, Lee Young-ji performed her new song “Small Girl” on the stage of “Zico’s Artist”. She also presented a performance of “Fighting”, her collaboration with SEVENTEEN BSS, together with MC Zico.

Later when Zico asked, “Is there a song in this album that contains the story of human Lee Young-ji?”, Lee Young-ji replied, “It’s the song ‘Unknown guy’, which was chosen as a double title”.

lee young ji

Lee Young-ji said, “I’ve been living in a family without a father”, adding “It’s been a long time since my father left the house so I don’t remember much about him”. She explained, “I wrote this song to say that I’m happy with the remaining members of my family and that I want to think of the person who left us as an unknown guy”. 

Zico said, “The introduction for the song is a little sarcastic but those who understand her can find it touching”, adding “This is also Lee Young-ji’s first time performing the song live on a show”.

Zico then asked Lee Young-ji about her plans, “A lot of people are happy to see Young-ji make a comeback with her main job. Can we meet you more often now?”. In response, Lee Young-ji promised to work harder as a singer, saying “I will come here very often”.

lee young ji

Lastly, Zico said, “Even when Young-ji hosts a talk show as an MC or sings, or dances, you still do your best as if it’s your main job. No matter what you want to do, many people will accept you and feel happy about it”.

Lee Young-ji then performed “Unknown Guy”. The song contains meaningful lyrics such as “I’ve organized all the memories about you, and all I have left is your last name”, “You must have had your own reasons”, “Who was not there in my childhood?”, “To me, you’re just an old man whom I don’t know”, etc. 

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