Lee Seung Gi’s career may be in a crisis due to his controversial choice of girlfriend

According to Ten Asia, Lee Seung Gi’s relationship with Lee Da In may lead to his downfall, and ratings for his shows are already dropping. 

After Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In admitted to dating in May 2021, they immediately faced intense backlash from the audience. Even fans of Lee Seung Gi were vehemently against the actor’s girlfriend, and sent trucks with protesting banners, stating that they couldn’t accept his girlfriend. The reason lies in Lee Da In’s criminal parents, who attained their wealth through financial fraud, leaving behind numerous victims. 

Ever since, there have been constant breakup rumors surrounding the couple. These were all put out by Lee Seung Gi, however, who recently confirmed that his relationship is still going smoothly.

A relationship that leads to career crisis

In his newest statement, Lee Seung Gi indirectly implied that breakup rumors were false, writing: “Ever since my announcement in 2021, there have been no changes in my personal life and perspective. Therefore, I will excuse myself from ever commenting on this matter again, for I see no necessity. I deeply apologize if my decision makes you sad.”

The famous actor also added: “I am worried that if stories about us start to spread, they will become malicious, which can hurt a lot of people, and be mere entertainment to others. Therefore, I hope you understand why I kept quiet about the matter.” 

However, it seems that while Lee Seung Gi’s love life remains stable, his career is facing quite a turbulence. Variety shows featuring the actor have all showed remarkable declines in popularity, 

Lee Seung Gi
A year since his relationship became public, Lee Seung Gi’s career is facing quite the turbulence

Lee Seung Gi has been a long-term cast member of “All The Butlers”, which aired on SBS, since 2017. However, viewership ratings of the show have plummeted despite constant cast changes, and appearances of huge celebrities like Lee Sang Yoon, Shin Sung Rok, Yoo Soo Bin, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyeong, Kim Dong Hyun, and Eun Ji Won

Even when the notoriously hilarious Eun Ji Won joined the cast in April, “All The Butlers” still reported heavy rating falls. The May 29th episode and June 5th episode, for example, dropped to an alarming mark of 2%. This is a far cry from the highest rating of 21% in season 1, and 9% in the beginning of 2021. 

Similarly, “Eat Gongchiri 3 Random Box”, which also featured Lee Seung Gi, saw ratings fluctuating around 2% for the entire 3rd season. Compared to season 2’s average rating of 4%, the show truly lost its shine and is also falling behind shows in the same time slots like KBS’s “Immortal Song” (5%), and MBC’s “What do You Do When You Play” (6.9%). 

Despite his falling reputation in the variety world, Lee Seung Gi’s fate in the acting industry remains unclear. The actor is planning to return in the August K-drama “Love By Law”, and there’s no telling if this work can overcome his ongoing rating crisis. 

Lee Da In
Fans expressed extreme disappointment at Lee Seung Gi’s decision to date Lee Da In

The first turbulence in the career of Lee Seung Gi 

Born in 1987, Lee Seung Gi initially debuted as a singer, and gained immense popularity via his hit ballad “Because You’re My Girl” at the young age of 17.

With this song, he swept through numerous 2004 awards, winning rookie artist titles at the Mnet KM Music Festival và Seoul Music Awards. In 2007, he won Best Male Solo Artist at the Mnet KM Music Festival with his title “White Lie”.  At the time, Lee Seung Gi was basically Korea’s “king of ballads”, who won over the heart of the public with various hits like “Will You Marry Me”, “Return”, and “The Ordinary Man”.

In 2006, he started to earn successes in the acting industry, even being nicknamed the “nation’s son-in-law” after his role in “Famous Chil Princess”. He then was casted in the 2009 weekend K-drama “Brilliant Legacy”, which starred famous actress Han Hyo Joo, and recorded ratings as high as 47%. Now, Lee Seung Gi has become a household name among Korean audiences. 

The success of “Brilliant Legacy” boosted Lee Seung Gi to become a top actor, with numerous commercial deals and awards, including the Excellent Acting Award, the Top 10 Star, and the Best Couple Award at SBS Drama Awards in 2009. 

Lee Seung Gi then continued to star in successful dramas with high ratings, such as “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho” (average rating 15%), “The King 2 Hearts” (12%), “Gu Family Book” (15.1%), “Vagabond”, etc. According to Sports Chosun, Lee Seung-gi was named as one of the most favorite CF models in Korea in 2011 and 2012.

Especially, Lee Seung Gi also gained huge love from the public with his sincere and kind personality revealed through many entertainment programs. The appearance in “2 Days 1 Night” helped Lee Seung Gi get the nickname “the Nation’s Younger Brother”.  Thanks to his constant efforts and a “clean” profile without scandals, Lee Seung Gi maintained his top population and reputation for many years

Lee Seung Gi Lee Da In
Lee Seung Gi’s romantic relationship with Lee Da In is not supported by the majority of his fans

Therefore, fans expressed disappointment in Lee Seung Gi when he publicized his relationship with Lee Da In. Since Lee Da In mostly plays supporting roles in small movies and dramas, many fans believe her popularity is not comparable to Lee Seung Gi’s. However, the main reason for fans’ disapproval of the two’s relationship is Lee Da In’s scandalous family.

Lee Da In’s mother is singer Kyeon Mi Ra and her father is actor Im Young Gyu. Kyeon Mi Ri is famous for her performance as Lady Choi in the famous Korean drama “Dae Jang Geum”.

In 1993, Kyeon Mi Ri and Im Young Gyu divorced. After Kyeon Mi Ri re-married businessman Lee Hong Heon, Lee Da In and her sister Lee Yoo Bi took their stepfather’s surname. In 2009, Kyeon Mi Ri was investigated for stock manipulation, while her husband Lee Hong Heon was suspected of insider trading. Kyeon Mi Ri later apologized and withdrew from the home shopping channel she represented.

Lee Da In’s real father was also embroiled in several private life controversies. Actor Im Young Gyu used to be arrested on charges of obstruction of business and was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2 year of probation. In October 2020, he was caught causing a stir in a Gangnam bar while being drunk. He even engaged in a fight with other customers in the bar.

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