Lee Seung Gi is preparing for a special album in celebration of his 20-year singing career

The album is expected to be released next year and will be a collaboration between Lee Seung Gi and fellow Korean musicians.

During a recent press conference in the Philippines, Lee Seung Gi unexpectedly revealed his plans to prepare for his 20-year singing debut anniversary. He announced that he is working on a special album dedicated to his fans.


Next year marks the 20th anniversary of my singing career, so I will release an album that includes collaborations with various singers, both seniors and juniors. Additionally, the album will feature some of the most prominent producers in Korea,” Lee Seung Gi shared during the press conference.

In reality, Lee Seung Gi has been more recognized as an actor. Still, the 20-year milestone in his singing journey is a memorable occasion that deserves to be celebrated. This is why Seung Gi has been planning for a new album as a way to express his gratitude to his fans who have supported him throughout the years.


After the news was released, some fans expressed concerns as Lee Seung Gi is currently facing a backlash from the Korean public due to his controversial marriage to actress Lee Da In. Lee Seung Gi’s wife comes from a wealthy family that has been involved in various stock market manipulations and fraud allegations. Therefore, Seung Gi’s decision to proceed with the marriage is seen by some as a betrayal of the trust of his fans.

Source: k14.

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