Lee Se-young wowed everyone with her impressive body figure in a black dress at Baeksang, finally leaving behind her child actor image

Actress Lee Se-young drew admiration for her perfect physique when appearing at the 2022 Baeksang Awards.

Actress Lee Se-young recently appeared at Baeksang Arts Awards with a beautiful and charming visual. She finally left behind her child actor image.


Lee Se-young then uploaded a video of the Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony on her Instagram. After the awards ceremony is over, she’ll probably have some regrets about not winning the award, however, she writes, “It was like a dream after seeing my respected seniors in person,” attracting attention.


It gives a warm feeling as it is quite different from some other stars who react sensitively to whether or not to receive an award before attending the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, as a nominee for the Best Actress Award this day, Lee Se-young competed with Kim Tae-ri in ‘Twenty-five Twenty One’, Kim Hye-soo in ‘Boy Judge’, Park Eun-bin in ‘My Love’, and Han So-hee in ‘My Name’.


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