Lee Sang-min couldn’t receive G-Dragon’s limited edition shoes, Kim Jun-ho sent a DM to ask G-Dragon for him

Comedian Kim Jun-ho sent a direct message (DM) to G-Dragon on behalf of Lee Sang-min.

Dolsing Fourmen

On SBS-TV’s “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on December 28th, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jun-ho, Tak Jae-hoon and Im Won-hee delivered gifts to divorced people. During the delivery, they had a small conversation.

In the middle of their talk, a familiar name was mentioned. It was G-Dragon.

Tak Jae-hoon asked Lee Sang-min, “G-Dragon gave shoes he made to 111 people this time. Did you get one?”. Lee Sang-min awkwardly answered that he didn’t receive it

Dolsing Fourmen
Dolsing Fourmen

But instead of Lee Sang-min, Tak Jae-hoon, Kim Jun-ho and Im Won-hee showed signs of disappointment. G-Dragon and Lee Sang-min were really close to each other in the past. It was when G-Dragon was in the group Little Roo’Ra.

In response, Lee Sang-min said, “Honestly, I’m a little upset. He made shoes several times but didn’t give me a pair”. After that, Junho suggested that Lee Sang-min send G-Dragon a message.

Raising his self-esteem, Lee Sang-min said, “I hate doing so”. That’s why Kim Jun-ho sent the message instead of Sangmin.

Dolsing Fourmen

The message sent by Kim Jun-ho was also released. He said, “Glad to see you, Jiyong ah. I’m comedian Junho”, adding, “Lee Sang-min doesn’t have the courage, so I’m writing this message to you on behalf of him. I won’t tell any long story. Please give Sangmin-hyung a pair of shoes.”

Regarding the DM text, some netizens commented, such as, “This is so funny”, “G-Dragon would be speechless and laugh hard”, “At this point, he might be given a pair”.

However, other Internet users felt uncomfortable with the situation. They pointed out the problem, saying, “That “Little Roo’ra) was back in 1995, how many times are you going to bring this up again?”, “He really looked like an arrogant oldie when sending that DM”, “G-Dragon might feel awkward because of the message”


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