Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa)xJungkook (BTS) met again after a year and boasted about their flower boys bromance

Shinhwa Lee Minwoo and BTS Jungkook have met again after a long time.

The photos were released on BTS’ official Twitter and Lee Min-woo’s Instagram on June 8th. Each of them also wrote a short caption “Bromance” along with the posts.

The uploaded photo showed Jungkook and Lee Minwoo next to each other smiling brightly at the camera. Jungkook posed with a cute pout.

Their visuals are heartwarming. Especially, their same hairstyle and black mask attracted attention.

Lee Minwoo’s friendship with Jungkook began three years ago in 2016. They’ve also appeared on a show called ‘Flower Boy Bromance’. Lee Minwoo took good care of his younger brother, while Jungkook is a well-mannered little brother to the older one.

After that, their bromance continued. They have taken a friendly picture last September. on BTS’s SNS account saying, “It was great to see brother Minwoo again after a long time.

In April last year, Minwoo also wrote a message of support on social media, saying, “Our Jungkook fighting.” At that time, the emoticons used by Jungkook were popular as “Jungkook emoticons“.

Netizens can’t hide their joy after seeing the chemistry between the two of them. “I love this combination of flower brothers“, “The cute puppies“, “I feel like Jungkook has grown up a lot just by looking at these photos”, “Lee Min-woo looks really young,” and “I’m in favor of this combination“.

Source: Dispatch

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