Lee Jong Suk to star as a third-class lawyer in K-drama “Big Mouse”, first still images released

Famous actor Lee Jong Suk will be reborn as a genius con artist in his latest acting project. 

In the upcoming MBC Friday and Saturday K-drama “Big Mouse”, actor Lee Jong Suk will assume the role of Park Chang Ho, a third-class lawyer who was framed horribly overnight. The series, which recently revealed the first still cuts of Lee Jong Suk in-character, has been drawing attention. 

lee jong suk

“Big Mouse” will air its first episode in July, and will follow the lawyer Park Chang Ho, whose winning rate was laughably low at 10%. However, his life was uprooted overnight, after he got caught up in a murder case. The K-drama will dig deeply into the true face of the privileged class, which is full of corrupted people who only care about their own benefits. 

In the series, Lee Jong Suk will transform into third-rate lawyer Park Chang Ho, who earns the nickname “Big Mouth” because of his talkative personality. With a disastrous winning rate of 10%, Chang Ho not only fails to pay the monthly rent of his office, but also neglects the salary of his father-in-law, who works as his secretary. As a result, his wife Go Mi Ho (played by idol actress Im Yoona), cannot bear this, and demands for a divorce. The stress of the situation is greatly wearing Park Chang Ho down. 

In the midst of this, a equest for defense for a murder case, which has been coming in for a long time, puts Park Chang Ho under the stigma of ‘Big Mouse’, the king of the underworld. He thus gets involved in a huge conspiracy, and has to struggle to safely escape. 

In newly-released stills, the change of Park Chang Ho, who went from talkative lawyer “Big Mouth” to genius con artist “Big Mouse” is clear. Even though Park Chang Ho is teased as a third-rate lawyer, he always has a professional appearance with straight attire. Meanwhile, his scarred appearance in a prison uniform also draws eyes.

While he looks hopeless and willing to give up everything, the eyes of Park Chang Ho are still shining, suggesting a new storm to come. This poses a question if Park Chang Ho will be able to survive in a prison full of vicious criminals.

Big Mouth

As such, “Big Mouse” predicts a great transformation in Lee Jong Suk’s acting, which will entails a great variety of emotions that are swirling through Park Chang Ho, whose life has been changed due to the operation of a huge power.

Big Mouse

The production team of ‘Big Mouse’ also raised expectations by saying, “Lee Jong Suk is going to perfectly portray the sudden change of heart in Park Chang Ho’s character, who is caught in a vortex of power.”

“Big Mouse” will be broadcasted for the first time in July following the ongoing series “Doctor Lawyer”.

Source: daum

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