Lee Hyori mentions side effects from medical procedures “I can’t smile with my eyes”

Singer Lee Hyori confessed to experiencing side effects from medical procedures

On July 4th, a video featuring Lee Hyori was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Butler Kwang”.

In the video, Lee Hyori said, “I told Kwanghee I would get a consultation for plastic surgery. I asked for an estimate. I like natural looks, so I haven’t touched my face until now. But as I’m getting older and have to shoot commercials, I thought it wouldn’t be polite not to do something.”

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She continued, “I once got Botox for wrinkles around my eyes. But when I smile with my eyes, after getting Botox, my eyes couldn’t smile anymore. It wasn’t right for me.”

She added “I’ve tried laser lifting in Jeju a few times. My skin is too thin, so there was no effect. It didn’t work at all” and she asked Kwanghee for an estimate.

Lee Hyori said “I can’t raise my nose, and I already have double eyelids“, to which Kwanghee responded, “No, there’s also skin tightening and even threading to completely lift the face.” Lee Hyori then asked, “What procedures have you done? Be honest. Did you get your forehead and nose done?

lee hyori

Kwanghee replied, “I’ve done laminates, LASIK surgery and there’s really nothing I haven’t done. Isn’t it pitiful? You don’t understand the feelings of people like me. People like Cha Eun-woo and Lee Hyori don’t understand the feelings of people who have succeeded through plastic surgery.”

Seeing Kwanghee’s pre-surgery face, Lee Hyori said, “I like that face better. If I had to date one of the two, I would choose that face without a doubt. I’m serious. It looks so cute and pure.” Kwanghee retorted, “I completely failed the auditions back then.” Lee Hyori replied, “Of course, it might not be an idol’s face. If I liked idol faces, would I have married Sangsoon? My taste is like that. I like natural beauty.”

Lastly, Lee Hyori comforted Kwanghee, “There are many women who like that kind of face. Now that things have turned out this way, you should live well as you are.”

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