Lee Hyo-ri, “I want to get a song from this talented junior”

Lee Hyo-ri heralded a special collaboration with a junior in the music industry that she has been keeping an eye on.

On TVING’s “Seoul Check-in“, which aired on May 13th, Lee Hyo-ri heralded a musical collaboration with AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk.

On that day, while moving by car, Lee Hyo-ri told her manager, “Have you watched BIGBANG’s new MV? It sounds so sentimental. I saw some reactions, and people were all crying because of the song… The guys are cool as always.” Lee Geun-seop replied, “You should release an album as well.”

Lee Hyori

Regarding this, Lee Hyo-ri confessed, “Rather than releasing an album, I want to release good songs one after another. But I don’t have friends to share about music. It’s quite hard for me to work with them and we also have huge age differences. It’s hard for them to work with me as well. It’s difficult since I don’t have experience.”

After finishing her schedule, Lee Hyo-ri drew attention as she met AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk. She told Lee Chan-hyuk, “It’s just that I’m not working on music recently, so I’m starting to want to do it. I listened to your songs a lot on Jeju Island. That’s why I wanted to meet you.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri explained why she contacted Lee Chan-hyuk, “I don’t know what I want to do. The music I used to do was because when I was young, I wrote a lot of lyrics such as ‘I’ll seduce a guy in 10 minutes’ or ‘I’ll run nonstop’. I’m not that kind of person anymore. I thought a lot about what kind of song I should sing. I thought it’d be nice to receive a song from a talented friend.”

To Lee Hyo-ri’s unexpected suggestion, Lee Chan-hyuk responded positively, “I can’t miss a good opportunity.” Lee Hyo-ri went on to say, “I hope people like the new song, but it shouldn’t be too obvious and must be a mega hit song.” Upon hearing this, Lee Chan-hyuk raised viewers’ expectations as he expressed confidence, “It doesn’t quite match what you’ve said so far, right? It’s not something I can’t do though.”

Source: Dispatch

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