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LACHICA’s leader Gabee: Tore up the stage with her dancing and moved her office from the basement to the ground 

Dancer Gabee is named in the ranking of stars with the best physiques that heat up the stage every time she performs. 

In the latest episode of Mnet’s ‘TMI SHOW‘, which aired on July 20, SF9’s Jaeyoon, Hwiyoung, and Kim Heejae appeared as guest reporters in the ranking of ‘Top 10 Stars With The Best Physiques Who Tore Up the Stage’.

LACHICA’s leader and “Street Woman Fighter” dancer Gabee was ranked second. Gabee was born in Suwon, Korea, but with her fiery body, bold fashion and makeup style, she made people doubt her nationality at first. Gabee’s charming point is her butt. Jessi even praised Gabee, saying, “I think she has the No.1 hip in Korea”. 

Gabee tore up all her stages in “Street Woman Fighter”. She even made her opponent Aiki give a thumbs up. Gabee took off her pants in a dance battle and performed with the highest energy. In the final stage of “Street Woman Fighter”, she reminded viewers of Beyoncé, which then earned her the nickname Gabeyoncé.

The behind-the-scenes story that Gabee almost failed to appear in “Street Woman Fighter” also drew attention. Gabee said, “I gained a lot of weight. I weighed more than 70kg,” adding that she refused to join the show because she gained more than 8kg, but after that, she deleted all the food delivery apps and participated in the first recording after losing 6kg.

As a result of her popularity, Gabee’s office was moved from the basement to the third floor. Kim Heejae admired Gabee, saying, “She gives off a Western feeling that other Asians cannot imitate”.

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