Kwon Eun-bi’s Bold Performance at First Festival After Outfit Controversy

Singer Kwon Eun-bi showcased a dazzling performance at Ansan University’s festival, including lying down on the stage

After “Water Bomb,” singer Kwon Eun-bi has become a sexy icon. Online communities and social media have been showering her with praise as the “ultimate glamorous and sexy star.”

However, in some online female communities, there has been a movement called “Change Kwon Eun-bi’s Wardrobe” with claims that her outfits are too revealing.

kwon eun bi

In the wake of this movement, Kwon Eun-bi made her first appearance at Ansan University’s festival, wearing short attire and delivering a daring performance that caught everyone’s attention.

On the 23rd, a video of Kwon Eun-bi’s performance at Ansan University was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘zam.’ In the video, Kwon Eun-bi was seen performing “Underwater.”

On that day, Kwon Eun-bi wore a lilac crop top with a short denim skirt. Despite her short outfit, Kwon Eun-bi presented a dazzling performance.

As soon as she stepped onto the stage, Kwon Eun-bi lay down on the stage floor, and at that moment, the cheers from the students were deafening. Kwon Eun-bi, with her professional demeanor, completed the performance without any mishaps.

kwon eun bi

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Her performance has become even bolder,” “She’s been on a roll since Water Bomb,” and “Kwon Eun-bi must be loving the summer.”

Meanwhile, on some female-oriented websites like Twitter, there has been a series of complaints with comments like “Kwon Eun-bi’s exposure is too excessive,” “Don’t dress provocatively,” and “Her increasingly daring fashion choices make me uncomfortable.”

In response to these comments, many netizens have said, “Here we go again,” “What’s the problem with her wardrobe?” “It’s not about the clothes being provocative, Kwon Eun-bi is naturally sexy,” “Should she have been active more modestly before Water Bomb?” “She’s just so pretty,” and more.

Source: insight

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