Krystal Jung publicly shows her support for her ‘ex-Creative Director’ Min Hee Jin and NewJeans

Singer-actress Krystal showed her support for Min Hee-jin and NewJeans, the first girl group under HYBE’s label, ADOR.

On the 4th, Krystal posted a picture on her Instagram story with an image of “NewJeans 1st EP ‘NEW Jeans'”. The photo uploaded is NewJeans’ debut album. Krystal also attracted attention by tagging CEO Min Hee-jin.

krystal newjeans

CEO Min Hee-jin and Krystal have a strong relationship. She previously served as the art director for the album ‘Pink Tape’ of f(x), to which Krystal belonged. f(x)’s 2nd full-length album ‘Pink Tape’ is one of the top 100 Korean pop music albums. To this day, f(x)’s ‘Pink Tape’ is still called a masterpiece.


On the other hand, Min Hee-jin is the CEO of ADOR. Until 2018, she served as Executive Creative Director of SM Entertainment. She has since been the CBO of Big Hit Entertainment, and CBO of HYBE, and currently serves as the CEO of ADOR- a label under HYBE.


Meanwhile, NewJeans, a girl group created by Min Hee-jin, drew attention by releasing the first title song ‘Attention’ at 00:00 on the 22nd of last month. 

Source: wikitree

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