Kpop fans regret for female idols who joined in the wrong company

All of these idols are being loved by many fans, but netizens think that these idols seem to choose wrong company to join in.

Having outstanding look and amazing talents, these female idols are being loved by many fans. Yet, netizens claim that among these girls, there is one common thing: they must have joined in wrong company.

Hani (EXID)

Before getting popular with the million-view fancam, Hani’s career almost got stuck because the success seemed never to come to her. Fortunately, Hani is now an idol gaining many attentions in Kpop showbiz thanks to her “girl-crush” attractiveness.

Charismatic Hani 1
“I’m busy being sexy~” (EXID’s Hani)

Beside her beauty and fit body, Hani has wonderful personalities and the ability to explode in any variety shows. Despite these advantages, Hani lost her chance to take part in JYP in an audition. Maybe JYP is now “racking his brain” because he let a talent like Hani go.

The paradox of K-biz: Good-looking idols are popular and unattractive ones also become phenomenas
The viral fancam of Hani

Jisoo (Black Pink)

According to Jisoo sharing, in the past, not only YG but also SM “badly” wanted to persuade her to join in their company. Although Jisoo’s beauty is really SM’s typical style, which is mixed from the goddess-like beauty and elegance, she determined to join YG.

SM used to pay a lot of attention to Jisoo in the past

When hearing this news, Korean netizens immediately express their “sincere” regret. Most of comments state that Jisoo fits SM so well that if she had chosen SM from the start, the visual position in a girlgroup would surely have belonged to her. These days, the make-up style, hairstyle and outfits from YG seem to make Jisoo look “worse”, many people claim that if Jisoo had really joined in SM, her beauty would have shone brighter.

Netizens believed that if Jisoo had been under SM, she might have been become a visual of a girlgroup

Nancy (Momoland)

Nancy is one of the most outstanding visuals in Kpop these days with her flawless beauty. Looking at her face, many people are in awe and some of them even have to let out some words like “she must have won the jackpot in the bet with the world creator”. However, in spite of her perfect look,

Nancy hasn’t been given many chances to shine, as her company is still so young.

Nancy has a half-blood beauty, which is exactly the preference of Korean public lately. It’s too difficult to select an ideal company for her, as with her appearance, it can be said that she is… suitable for all the companies.

MOMOLAND Nancy's sensitive clips
Nancy’s beauty is considered to be suitable for all the companies.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Contrary to Jisoo’s look, Seulgi’s appearance is impressively bold and strong. Netizens are regretful about Seulgi because SM seems to “waste” her beauty, the company has the tendency to care more about idols whose look is soft, pure and graceful. It would be much more excellent if Seulgi’s swag vibe were under YG’s management.

SM does not really care about Seulgi.

Even though many people feel that these girls had made wrong selections, everyone has to admit that all of the girls above are doing a great job with their own efforts. By their talents and attempts, surely, these female idols are going to shine brighter in the Kpop world.

Sources: ZING

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