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Korean version of “Too Hot to Handle,” “Eden, Descendants of Instinct” released its 1st teaser

The romance reality “Eden, Descendants of Instinct,” which predicts a high rating, begins.

On Jun 14th, IHQ’s “Eden, Descendants of Instinct” will air its 1st episode amid the expectations of many audiences.

“Eden, Descendants of Instinct” is a love reality program with a cast of eight ordinary men and women.

The cast members will find their true love by deducing one by one the conditions of the person who they are instinctively attracted to without knowing about each other’s age and wealth.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

In the teaser video released earlier, eight participants were seen showing off their perfect bodies while wearing swimsuits on the beach.

The video is full of excitement between men and women who had physical contact with each other while playing games.

At first, the cast, who doubted whether they could fall in love within a week of filming, soon began to express their love desire.

The male and female cast are also spotted on the bed together, drawing the attention from many people.

Eden Descendants of Instinct
Eden Descendants of Instinct

MC Yoon Bo-mi, who was observing these scenes through the VCR in the studio, was at a loss, saying, “This is too sexy.” MC Simeez was surprised, saying, “Why are they taking off their pants?” and MC Lee Hong-ki said, “Aren’t them too close?”

Eden Descendants of Instinct

In particular, Yoon Bo-mi said that this seems to be the most intense love reality program she has ever seen.

Lee Hong-ki said, “I think this will need to be checked by the KCC once. This is definitely the Korean version of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle!” predicting the hottest content ever, amplifying expectations.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

“Eden, Descendants of Instinct”, which reminds the audience of the popular dating reality show Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno,” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on Jun 14th.

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