Korea to lift all the social distancing regulations after 2 years… Fans will be able to shout and cheer at concerts

With the removal of restrictions on social distancing, it is expected that fans will be able to shout and sing along to singers at concerts.

On April 15th, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced that they would lift all the social distancing rules starting from April 18th.

Since the social distancing rules are about to be removed, the ban on cheering and sing-along at idols’ concerts and sports events will also disappear.

BTS concert

This is such good news for idol fans. For the past 2 years, they have been obliged to silently wave their cheering light sticks even though their favorite singers were performing in front of them.

During a performance, BTOB member Seo Eun-kwang also said the famous line, “Dont’s scream, just clap”, which can only be heard in the Covid-19 situation. 


Some fandoms did not give in to the ban on shouting by preparing unusual cheering tools to replace their shouts. BTS fans cheered by using “Clapper” while Seventeen’s fans used Sogo (a small traditional Korean hand drum).


In addition, girl group Dreamcatcher also introduced a “clap cheering method” which fans can use to cheer instead of shouting the members’ names.

In response to the removal of social distancing rules, fans of idol groups reacted, “I’m so happy that I can now scream and shout as much as I want”, “In fact, the rules were not bad since I was able to experience different cheering cultures”, etc. 

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