Returning after 2-year hiatus fighting against cancer, Kim Woo-bin will work hard in 2022 with various movie and drama projects

Actor Kim Woo-bin heralded a busy year with many activities in 2022.

This year, Kim Woo-bin is planning to greet the audiences through many ways, including the big screens, home theaters, and OTT platforms.

Kim Woo-bin drew keen attention from the public and people in the entertainment industry when announcing his return in 2019. Getting cast in movie “Alien” and drama “Our Blues”, he continued to be busy with acting activities. After focusing on filming these two works last year, the results are finally set to be released within 2022.

Kim Woo-bin

First of all, Kim Woo-bin will meet viewers on the small screen again through “Our Blues”, a new work written by screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung and directed by Kim Kyu-tae, 6 years after his last drama, which was KBS’s “Uncontrollably Fond”, in 2016. “Our Blues” tells supportive stories about people living at all stages of life, from the beginning to the peak and also at the end. In this drama, Kim Woo-bin will play the role of captain Park Jung-joon, who has a bright and warm personality. While searching for a woman who won’t leave Jeju, Park Jung-joon meets Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min) and dreams of developing love with her as a man. Therefore, audiences have already raised curiosity about how Kim Woo-bin will depict the character of Park Jung-joon. Moreover, since this drama is filmed in Jeju Island, viewers’ expectations for beautiful cinematography are soaring.

Kim Woo-bin

The actor will then take over the screen with director Choi Dong-hoon‘s new film, “Alien” (working title). “Alien” is a movie about an extraordinary story unfolding between the Taoists who want to take over the new sword in the rumors of the late Goryeo Dynasty and the present when aliens appear. Many people are paying attention to the news that it will be released in the second half of this year. In particular, the movie is also raising fans’ expectations for Kim Woo-bin as it is his first big-screen return in six years since the 2016 film “Master.”

In addition, fans in Korea and abroad are paying keen attention to Kim Woo-bin, who recently expanded his activities to the OTT market by announcing his appearance of Netflix’s new series “Black Knight,” which will be his reunion with director Cho Eui-seok of the movie “Master.” “Black Knight” tells the story which happens in 2071, when people cannot live without an oxygen respirator due to extreme air pollution. In the drama, Kim Woo-bin plays the legendary delivery man named “5-8” with extraordinary fighting skills, heralding another intense acting transformation.

Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin is predicted to be actively engaging in activities this year, not only through TV channels and big screens, but also OTT. As a result, fans are giving high expectations for him, who is ready to appear in front of the public who waited for his return as an actor.

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