Kim Seon-ho to return on the theater stage with the play called “Touching the Void”

Actor Kim Seon-ho will make his comeback on the theater stage.

On May 13th, Kim Seon-ho’s agency Salt Entertainment announced, Kim Seon-ho will meet the audience through ‘Touching the Void’, the third play in the ‘Theater Fever9’ project, which contains messages for life and the liveliness of stage arts, at Art One Theatre 2, Daehak-ro on July 8th.”


“Touching the Void” is a play based on the true story of British mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, who climbed the western ice wall of the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The content depicts the fear when being trapped in the huge snow mountain with snowstorms facing the harsh nature and the fighting spirit of overcoming your own fear in life.


It was previously published as a memoir and documentary film of the same name. As for theater, it was first premiered in the U.K in 2018 and received lots of praises, such as “a performance that proved nothing is impossible on stage”, “I got goosebumps by the overwhelming tension in the play”, etc.

At the 2022 Korean premiere, the “mountain distress” situation, which has rarely been introduced on the stage due to technical limitations, will be unfolded for the first time breaking through the time and space constraints in a stage-only language that awakens the audience’s five senses and imagination with immersive sound technology (a kind of sound stimulation technology that makes the audience feel as if the space in their imagination is present in front of their eyes).

“Touching the Void” will be directed by Kim Dong-yeon, who currently has the most notable achievements in the Korean theater industry. He is expected to capture the fighting spirit of humans against the harsh nature with his unique delicate and warm view toward humans as well as his outstanding directing ability regardless of form.

The character Joe, who is isolated in the snow mountain due to an accident, will be played by actor Shin Sung-min, who showed a wide spectrum of acting with his delicate sensibility and rich expressions through various plays and musicals, actor Kim Seon-ho, who has proved his stable acting skills and strong presence through several plays, such as “Ice”, “Memory in dream”, and dramas “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, “Start-Up”, and Lee Hwi-jong, who has developed from a rookie into a trustworthy actor by starring in various musicals and the drama “Law School”.

Kim Seon-ho

The role of Joe’s sisterSara will be portrayed by Lee Jin-hee and Son Ji-yoon, while Oh Jung-taek and Jung Hwan will participate in the play as Simon, who climbed the mountain with Joe.

The play “Touching the Void” will be performed at Art One Theatre 2, Daehak-ro on July 8th. Tickets can be purchased on Interpark and Theater Fever website from June 2nd.


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