Kim Seo-hyung reportedly selected as the female protagonist in KT’s “Paper Moon”

Actress Kim Seo-hyung will play the female protagonist in the new drama “Paper Moon”.

According to Sports Today on March 24th, Kim Seo-hyung was offered a role in KT’s original new drama “Paper Moon” (written by Noh Yoon-soo, directed by Kim Seung-woo).

kim seo hyung

Paper Moon” tells the story of a bank contract employee who accidentally touches a customer’s money, and her ordinary daily life irreversibly goes wrong. The original novel of the same name was also made into movie and TV series in Japan.

In the drama, Kim Seo-hyung will play the role of a contract salesperson at a bank.

Kim Seo-hyung, who made her acting debut as a KBS talent in 1994, appeared in dramas “Come and Hug Me”, “The Good Wife”, “Empress Ki” and “Temptation of Wife”. In particular, she received great love for showing off her girl crush aspect in “SKY Castle”, “Mine” and “Nobody Knows”. She also played an active role in movies “Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP”, “Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming”, “The Villainess” and “Late Spring”.

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